Accessories from Demanders

Products from Demanders are flexible and can be customised. Accessories mean additional applications and options.

Different types of jaws and clamping devices are available for our vices, while dust guards are available to protect the cross-feed screws of milling tables. Contact us to see if we have the ideal solution for you.

Different types of jaws and clamping devices, etc. are available for our vices.

Ratchet wrench
It is possible to supplement the MS vice with a ratchet wrench that fits your existing MS vice.

Accessory kit
BSM-3520 is an accessory kit for BSM 35 for sharpening drills with a diameter from 2 mm to 20 mm.

Regardless of whether you need rectangular, square or hexagonal cubes, we have the solution. We take it for granted that they will be used with Demanders vices.

Fixture bars
Demanders’ fixture bars help you to raise the workpiece off the table if, for example, you want to drill holes in the side using a bed milling machine with a swivel head.