Drill sharpeners from Demanders

The practical design reduces sharpening times. These machines simplify the manufacturing process – and make it better.
Modern production engineering places significant demands on your tools and other equipment. Demanding manufacturing processes, such as the drilling of holes in materials of varying hardness, means you must have access to equipment capable of sharpening different types of drill. Optimum use of these machines is required, and there must be no lengthy installation and adjustment times.

Demanders’ drill sharpeners are supplied complete with grinding discs and drill holders. Ready to use. 

Drill sharpener BSM 35

Modern production techniques make rigorous demands on both tools and equipment. Precision manufacturing processes involving the drilling of holes in materials of varying degrees of hardness mean that a manufacturer must have access to equipment for sharpening a number of different types of drill.

Demanders BMS 20 and BMS 35 drill sharpeners provide a rational and economical solution to the problems caused by blunted drills. The time required to sharpen a drill is a short one, thanks to the simple, practical design. And even an untrained operator can achieve expert results. Their weight gives these drill sharpeners stability and means that a high degree of precision is obtained. The BMS 20 and BMS 35 drill sharpeners have the further advantage that they can be used to sharpen left hand drills with diameters of up to 20 mm. Machines are supplied complete with discs.

Demanders drill sharpeners make light work of drill maintenance, and offer a degree of quality that ensures the quality of your products.

The BMS 35 can be used with an accessory kit unit for sharpening drills with diameters of 2-20 mm. This means that drills with diameters of from 2 mm to 35 mm can be sharpened.

Specification BSM 35
Drill diameters 20-35 mm
Point angle setting 80°-160°
Clearance angle setting 0-18°
Power voltage 220 V/250 W
Special Voltage 110 V/500 W
Dimensions 250 x 400 mm
Net Weight 28 kg